Symptoms of gyno - not sure why?

Hey guys,

So the past few weeks I have been experiencing sore nipples with a slight lump beneath. I previously had experienced some Gyno symptoms from my Blast cycle of Testosterone 300mg and NPP 300mg, but this was around 3 months ago. I have not been on a steroid cycle since then. Currently, I am on testosterone replacement therapy at a fairly conservative 90mg per week. I do not take an AI because my estrogen levels are within normal range. Besides TRT, the only other thing I am taking is Cardarine from SARMSX.

Any idea what other causes there could be for the gyno symptoms that are appearing? Could it be residual prolactin from the NPP? I have bromocriptine lying around if that helps.


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The only way to be certain of what's going on is if you get blood work..then post it and we can tell you the cause..other wise it's just a guessing game


It could also be leftover from not controlling estrogen your last cycle. No way to tell without bloodwork. I would doubt its the prolactin tho.

What does your estro sit at with 90mg a week?
If you aren't sure why you have gyno its from not running an AI during your cycle.
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