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    Alright heres my cycle and stats. I have a little gyro in my left nipple. Sust 150 EOD Masteron 100 megs EOD Anavar 50 ED Clen 40 mcg 2 days on 1 day off Keto 1 mg on clean days Arimidex .5 EOD Nolva .5 ED I'm 175 pounds 5% BF 4 weeks out. Is the bubble underneath my nipple permanent...
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    Ostarine week 3 Gyno

    Hi guys, im currently 3 weeks into my ostarine cycle, 30MG ed. i woke up today and my nipples feel like they are on fire and i could not get a hard on last night... first time this has ever happened, i squeezed my nipple and now they are all puffy and something came out of it. Im 17 years old...
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    Bunk LGD

    Hey guys, I bought some bad LGD 4033 from a Research Chem site and after doing some reading I have no doubt that it is or has been mixed with some prohormone. I'm on a relatively low dose, and on week 2 I'm starting to feel/see some early signs of gyno. Puffy nipples and there is soreness as...
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    Can gyno occur even after a surgery?

    Hey guys, This feb, I "felt" like i had some gyno issue and went doctor to check. It was BEFORE starting my first cycle. I was shredded at that time, but i felt i had some sort of man boobs. They werent flat like arnolds. I was a fat kid when i was young, and trained years to lose weight and...
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    not sure if i have gyno and / or pectum excavatum - please could someone advise me?

    hi. ive always had this small hole in my chest. it feels like my chest bone dips inwards and since ive started working out and and starting my cycle of sust 250 my chest seems to be getting hard when i work out but the lower part of my chest feels like abit jelly -ish and i think its sagging...
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    250mg TEST/week and got GYNO!! HELP.

    Hello to everybody. It's my first time to make a thread so please bear with me. So here it is. I'm ultra sensitive to gyno. I got pre-existing gyno from a dbol cycle a few years back. Small lumps behind my nipples that never disappeared. Although my right nipple's gyno is significantly larger...
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    Chlldhood Gyno. first cycle - Test E, T-bol, Mk-677, Cardarine, Clomid, Nolva, Adex

    25 years old. 5'11" 180 lb. BF% fluctuates between 17 and 20%. Im in no rush to cycle, I can get it down in a month. All my hormone levels are in check except my DHEA which has always been naturally high. I got my bloodwork done recently in January and everything has come back fine. I want...
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    Sarms and Gyno/Water Retention?

    Hello, I took SARMs for approximately 1 month. It was in capsule pill form in which the bottle was called, "Sarm Supreme Stack Optimal Lean Mass Builder." Afterwards, I noticed that my nipples became puffy. I am not sure if it is gyno, water retention, or just fat (from poor diet). The following...
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    Gyno from tren

    Having some gyno issues from tren need some advisory iv been taking test and tren running adex and tamox for estro and caber for pro lactin turns out the caber i had was fake and didn't realise until now because iv developed slight gyno which if i squeeze bit of fluid comes out so i upped the...