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Thread: First timer - LGD-4033 and something else?

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    First timer - LGD-4033 and something else?

    Hey Dylan,

    Been following a lot of your threads and have found a lot of helpful information, thank you for that. I have just received my first ever bottle of LGD-4033. I have only dosed two days, but I can't help thinking I should have added another SARM to my stack. I was thinking GW-501516? I only really want to add one more, what is your opinion? And is it okay to add another sarm to my stack 4-5 days after starting the LGD?

    My training is basically 6 times a week of strength and conditioning, with a cross fit element. I am looking to gain size and increase endurance.

    I am 24yo, 6'3 and 189 pounds. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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