1. C

    New & First Cycle Questions

    Hi guys... Brand new here although I've been reading up for a few weeks now... Planning my first cycle (ever (of anything)) and looking for a bit of guidance... I recently had some devastating news and as such am in the worst shape of my life... I used to competitively compete at CrossFit to an...
  2. K

    First timer - LGD-4033 and something else?

    Hey Dylan, Been following a lot of your threads and have found a lot of helpful information, thank you for that. I have just received my first ever bottle of LGD-4033. I have only dosed two days, but I can't help thinking I should have added another SARM to my stack. I was thinking GW-501516? I...
  3. P


    Hey, so my goals right now are to improve endurance and recovery. My thoughts were to run this cycle GW Weeks 1-16: 20mg S4 Weeks 1-12 50mg (five days on, two days off Mk677 Weeks 1-12 25mg (before bed ) RAD 140 Weeks 1-12 20mg Weeks 9-12 post CT 50/25/25/25 Clomid Would really love...
  4. Blue_Shine

    Study of athletic injuries finds: Bodybuilders healthiest in pro athletic community!

    A meta-analysis of 20 eligible studies published in the Journal of Sports Medicine sought out to find the link between sports injuries and the following competitive disciplines: weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, Highland Games, and CrossFit. Conclusion: Bodybuilders are the...
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