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Thread: First run of hgh...need advice

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    First run of hgh...need advice

    I've ran cycles now for like 10 years almost but never hgh now that I'm 38 and I hear it can reverse aging in some ways and improve overall well being as well as well..GAINS! lol i wanna try it but I have done alotta research and opinions vary as well as dosage and period of time on it ????? Rather go to where I know and trust people the most to get real advice long? much daily? 1x or 2x a day? Anything else needed along with it ? Figured I run it a bit first then add in and taper up on test with it a few weeks then a cycle & come off the cycle and pct all while running hgh ?? But that's just kinda what I came up with with no real experience with it so what do you guys think ? Not looking to go extreme a happy medium for the benefits but increase mass and gains a little too kinda is where I wanna be ...

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    I logged my first time experience with HGH starting around this time last year. I ran 3iu a day, every day for nine months and had great results. I tried it all at once in the morning but found I got tired in the afternoon so switched to splitting the dose for a while. After a couple months the tired thing past so I went back to all at once upon waking. I ran S23 at the beginning with it then did a 16 week Primo cycle. I posted a picture after month seven and was in the best shape of my life...

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    Sounds great I can't wait for my results and 3 sounds reasonable but I figure I'll start at 2 iu a day and maybe later go to 3 or 4 max never more then that for sure I don't wanna fall into more of the bad running it then the benefits of it so with what u just said I probably won't even try to go over 3iu to even run 4 ius daily for a long time if at all...when u split them I read that the 2nd should never be taken before bed cuz then u rob yourself of the free hgh u get during sleep? so did u do the 2nd mid afternoonish ?? Initially I was gonna do one in am but read when u get over 2 best to split so I was thinking that is how I would do it to kinda space it all out am shot evening shot and for bed let my own feed me free hgh

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    I read the same thing about avoiding a shot in evening so did second shot in afternoon. 2-3iu is the sweet spot for getting shredded...

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    2-3 ius of quality hgh is more than enough... i would HIGHLY consider stacking it with mk677... you dont have to by any means, hgh is excellent on its own but that only further enhances it and they are very very similar in what they do... i would go at least a year on it...

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    Then that's where I'll start (2 iu) and stay moving up to no higher then 3ius I assume 1 iu am 1 iu afternoon/evening time (most likely after work and before gym) and then let my own do its work nightly would be perfect initially ??

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    Will also add I will go to the lengths of going to lab Corp for blood work since I'm not insured and pay 255 I think it is for a full cancer screening....just a precaution due to the fact it said that as it promotes our growth it would in any kind of cancer one may have and not know so ...I wanna know I'm feeding my body and not anything else to be safe thought that would be smart so that's what I'll be doing

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    I would keep it super simple. 2iu per day just pinned once per day. Run that for a year if you can.
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    Ok I do have a few questions already placed the order with pharmalady for a half years about 2 days ago just waiting on tracking went with fastest option but I got detailed questuons...

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    Well I wrote a whole reply went back to edit and fix a typo and lost the whole thing ! Lol so here we go again...Haha
    So this is what I got so far and wanna be sure all details are correct being first run and all ....
    29g 1/2 inch insulin pin for injections into a squeezed chunk of skin/fat in abdomen close to the belly button region?
    Keep all dried form in freezer and any solution pre or post mix in fridge?
    Mix slowly dropping the solution into vial and roll or let sit 30 mins in fridge never shake !! ??
    The kind I I ordered comes with solution but in the case it doesn't like generic or something it said that lidocaine is the best solution for no pain at injection sites and hgh last longer in it ?? True ? And ifso is the available vet grade online for purchase ok for this of I wanted to opt for it ? Jst more a curious question that surprised me reading on it ....I think that's all the questions I had right now I can think of to confirm what I gathered is correct and go by exactly that

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