First run of hgh...need advice

MK677 is the best alternative to HGH out there as well as a great option to stack with it
Always be careful going too high on HGH. There are many that attempt to run far too much and it generally comes back to bite you. I am a big proponent of it and have used it to my advantage but I go about it more conservatively so I have the ability to run it more long term. I am going to likely keep drop it from 3 ius to likely 2 ius and add MK677 with it 6 months at a time to start and see how that goes as well. The Biotech HGH is extremely on point and working very well for me at 3 IUS per day currently.
So I have a pretty unique experience with HGH. I ran it for years off and on but never more then a month and a half at a time. I was fine and loved it you def feel like you are recovering so much faster. I also loved the fullness HGH gives really rounds you out and fills everything in especially on cycle.

i have ran it off and on cycle and IMO there is no bad time to run it, PCT, during a cycle, or just because.

I have run it 1-3 units a day and have split the dose pre and post workout and all at once during the day never really at night just cuz I didn’t feel like doing an injection before bed.

I def feel tired the first week of starting it.

So where it got complicated:
I did a run of HGH for 6 months of 3-4 units a day some times I would split the dose or throw in an intro muscle injection here and there but I took it everyda.

towards the end of my 6 month run of HGH I started getting super light headed and felt like I couldn’t get enough food in me no matter how much I ate. It was like my blood sugar was always dangerously low to the point where at work I wasn’t on top of my eating and the EMTs had to come and give me a shot of glucose and said I looked like total shit lol. I couldn’t understand why HGH did this to me.

I should also note that I have always had an issue with my blood sugar getting low if I’m not on top of my eating or have candy on me at all times, but the point is it never go this bad.

i stopped taking it for a few months and juts recently started taking it again and had hopes I would have gotten over it since I really do love HGH and I believe to to be so beeficial. But gues what nope I can only do 1 unit a day for two days tops and on those two days I have to eat and eat and eat and have candy on me just encase.

i know HGH effects your insulin levels slightly and for some reason it really effects me in a negative way.
Anyways sorry for the long response but hope this is helpful some how lol
Try our Hgh. Serostim, straight from pharmacy man.

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