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Thread: Deca only/high dose deca cycles? cycle advise

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    Deca only/high dose deca cycles? cycle advise

    Good morning everybody my first thread on this forum,

    Anyone tried running high dose deca cycles or with reverse proportions with test half of deca dosing?

    Curious to know how side effects/general well being was if anyone tried this.
    I been reading about 70´s bodybuilders running like 400mg deca weekly and 15mg dianabol daily only.
    This got my antention since 70´s bodybuilders did not have AI´s avalible and deca aromatizes only 20%.

    On the other hand im working on my 2nd cycle i will run for 12 weeks and want to run it with low test like 200mg wk 1-6 and 300mg wk7-12 as "base"
    Thinking about running kickstarter (winnie or t-bol. maybe rad140?) for first 4 weeks and deca or other low aromtising compound wk1-10 in higher dose then test.

    thank you in advance, IceViking.

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    I run deca around 500-550mg per week with about a 400mg test e base with no issues. I also kickstart cycles with dianabol anywhere from 35 to 50mg a day (but only for the first 4 weeks while I'm waiting the long esters to really build up). I do run .5mg adex eod, and .25mg caber eod to keep everything in check. I'm not very prone to estrogen sides though, so your results could definitely vary.

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    running deca over 400 mg is where you are going to start seeing problems... theres no reason NOR need to start going higher than that... when people bitch and complain that deca has terrible sides, etc. its generally because they run it too high or there is too wide of a gap between their test and deca doses, basically everything you are asking about...

    Do you KNOW for a fact that guys back then didnt have estrogen problems back then? Do you have proof of what kind of problems they did or didn't have? I see people ALWAYS bring this up about what they did and didnt have etc but yet I have yet to see one shred of evidence that they didnt actually have issues... do you think these guys had press conferences and newspaper interviews releasing their medical history and discussing their steroid use?

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    p0nbiki thanks for sharing.

    Dylan, No offcourse i dont have any evidence or facts for that matter and i think there was no open discussion for AAS back then, not saying no side effects will come doing it like they did it back then.
    I think i will run deca for 300mg wk 1-10, thank you for the reply.

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    no problem

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    My advice is to keep them even at the very minimum.

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    I’m would keep the test and deca at low dose like advised.

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    Thanks guys for the replys, i will keep the dosages low.

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    no problem man

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    Test should be equal to deca at least in my opinion. Theres a lot of theories out there but with how I often I run the stuff I can tell you that that is going to likely be your best bet. Obviously you need to control estrogen. Do that correctly and it's a great cycle

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