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Thread: Cycle idea

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    Cycle idea

    Test 210mg/wk, Tren E 210mg/wk, Trestolone 210mg/wk

    Wondering if this is at all synergistic, or if the Trest and Tren together would kind of be a waste?

    Not too worried about side effects, I’ve run test and tren together at 500mg/wk without needing an AI or prolactin inhibitor. Liver values barely moved for the first 8 weeks, but started increasing after that (Tren H is far worse, affected me after the first 4 weeks). And the mental affects of Tren are positive instead of negative.

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    i wouldnt ever stack tren and trestolone... thats just way too much to be doing in one cycle... i wouldnt even consider it

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    I think you'll be OK those dosages are really low. Keep us updated. Just stay on top of your ancillaries especially your AI. I would switch out Tren E with Ace. If you can add some Proviron or Masteron to help with the estrogen. It really can make a difference with Trestolone.

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    Thanks for both your input.

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    no problem bro

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