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Thread: Blood Pressure

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    Blood Pressure

    Hey Dylan. I am on 500mg of test a day and 3ius of Hgh. My blood pressure is through the roof. I increased my potassium and magnesium like you said in the one video but it's still too high. Maybe from the testosterone. What to do? Thanks.

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    500mg a day or a week? 500mg a day must be a typo...

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    It's 500mg of test a week and 3ius of GH a day.

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    What is your blood pressure?

    Please provide your full stats...

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    My blood pressure is 210 over 106. My Pottasium intake is 5000mg a day.

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    Age 26.
    Height 177cm
    Weight 230 pounds
    Bf 7 percent

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    210/106 I'd have drove myself to the hospital.

    How long have you been taking them? What did did you start on?

    My BP was wacky when I first started GH, it's most likely water retention. I dialed back my carbs, and upped my AI... Now it is under much better.

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    This is week 6 on the test and the GH. I started on 130 over 70. Thanks for the advise. What is Al...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanderbort View Post
    What is Al...?

    Aromatase inhibitor.... Are you using Aromasin or Arimidex?

    You're due for mid cycle blood work. Do you plan on doing this?

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