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Thread: Before I get a Blood Test for TRT

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    Before I get a Blood Test for TRT

    I am planning to blood work to see if I should apply for TRT, but I am currently on a SARM Cycle and would like to know if it would interfere with the test or if I should wait until after the PCT to get the test.

    My SARMS cycle consists of:
    LGD-4033 10 mg
    MK-2866 25 mg
    RAD-140 10 mg
    M1-MK 7 pills
    Cardazol 6 pills

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    I would wait until after your sarms cycle and PCT to get tested

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    well if you are wanting trt then you could just do it now since you would be more suppressed from this cycle

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    If you genuinely want to know if you need TRT then get off the Sarms straight away, wait until your testosterone levels have normalised then get your bloods tested. If you want to try and cheat the system into getting prescribed TRT then do what Dylan said. However if you don’t actually need a TRT prescription then you’re doing more bad than good long term.

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    I would wait for testing before executing this idea. Good luck!

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