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Thread: Ostarine and lgd 4033

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    Ostarine and lgd 4033

    Hi guys, would appreciate some insight from some vets, on a run of Ostarine for 5wks now. Was thinking of adding lgd 4033 for the last 6wks of the cycle, got Ai on hand. and Clomid with gw for pct. my question is; would it be ok to add the lgd 4033 half way through my current mk866 cycle ? As I am hearing different things about adding other compound half way through a cycle

    Age 33

    Training 2/3 years

    Many thanks

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    You should be running these compounds a FULL 12 weeks 6 weeks is really pointless IMO. I would just run the MK2866 for 12 weeks then do your 4 week PCT. Have some time off cycle then you can consider a second cycle with LGD etc .

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    it makes zero sense to add it in at this point... it needs to be ran 12 weeks to get what you are supposed to out of it

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    Okay lads, will follow your advice, just wanted a litle more kick, just thought the lgd could have done so for the last 6wks....

    Thanks for taking the time out to respond, appreciated

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    no problem

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