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Thread: 1st cycle advice.

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    1st cycle advice.


    I am:
    25 Years Old
    32 Inch Waist
    Relatively low body fat (visible abs, lean but strong, athletic build)

    I have been working out, and eating very healthy my whole life. Having been raised by a fitness instructor, nutritional discipline and daily exercise in the form of competitive sports, heavy weightlifting, daily stretching routines, 2-3 mile runs each morning at the local track, and eating 5-6 nutritionally dense meals per day has been a habit for the last 6-7 years. I am a firefighter, so I often perform cardio workouts in full turnout gear, and keep very active with department drills and trainings.

    I have been natural my whole life, and I will be beginning my first cycle. My goal is to play it as safe as possible. I want to begin with small doses, and keep the side effects as low as possible, with a nice and healthy PCT. I would continue my daily exercise habits, but ramp up the weight, lenght of runs,/frequency of cardio, and eat a high calorie diet, in the form of wholesome, nutrient dense food, to in return hopefully gain a slight amount of bulk,with signifcant amounts of performance improvements while still looking sort of ''Natural''.

    I have obtained the following:

    Testosterone Enanthate (10 Week supply at 250MG/Week)
    Anavar (90 Capsules of 20Mg Each)
    Proviron (50 Tablets of 25Mg Each)


    Nolvadex (90 Capsules of 20Mg Each)
    Clomid (90 Capsules of 25Mg Each)

    I was thinking something along the lines of this:

    The base of the cycle will be 10 weeks of Test-e
    I would like to run Anavar at perhaps 40Mg Everyday for 5 Weeks ( or whatever you suggest


    Should I use low dose Proviron in my PCT? Or would it be a better bang for my buck to use it On Cycle?

    What should the dosage look like in both my Cycle and PCT with the forementioned gear, for me to obtain my goals that were mentioned above, and being as safe as possible. If you could maybe give me a layout of the cycle, I would greatly appreciate that.

    Thank you very much for your time, keep the good video's coming buddy!

    Kind regards,

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