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  • Hello rick you know i live in Estonia . I really need caber here. But anything sent from outside EU the toll is probably taking it. Been ther done that twice. Just really not want to waste any more money. Is there any place you know, where i can get caber delivered to Estonia?
    I seen u mentioned in a post u heard Biotech were selling prohormones as Sarms I currently still using Biotech Sarms seem to b legit to me can u clear this up with me appreciate it. How would I know if there legit?
    Hi RickRock, many thanks for your advice on my post. I found one online store that delivers Clomid to the UK. The web site seems rather legit but before ordering i would appreciate if you could suggest any alternative. Thanks and regards, Pakis
    Hey Rick,

    Been reading up on your post about Biotech Caber, and some of the discussions on why liquid caber is no good. Any help with biotech is much appreciated!
    Hey Rick, I’ve seen a bunch of your posts and would like to message you about finding some biotech products and checking out your trusted list, just trying to figure out how to accomplish that task.
    Hey bro I seen you talking about biotech as a source while sarmsx is down can you send me an email or link for biotech or a trusted sarms source, Maybe a couple code aswell while sarmsx is out of stock..thanks
    Hello RickRock

    I posted a thread earlier about blood pressure and cholesterol but it said an administrator had to accept the thread to post it. Are you able to accept it

    Hello Rick. I am looking for SR9009 and see that Sarmsx is currently sold out. I saw that you had another source or at least did. Is this still the case and if so could you send me information on how to order and a price list? Thank you.
    Hey just wanted to think u for hookn me up with Biotechsarms there products seem good. I just starting taking MK2866 , an S4 well appreciated👍
    Your info has really helped me out a lot man! It means a lot.

    Hope to make some serious gains soon
    Hey Rick! I wanted to ask rather than do another thread.

    Looking at:
    RAD 140

    This won’t require Clomid after will it? The RAD is what made me unsure. I plan to run a similar product as Dylan’s on his DGA (prefer Athletic Edge APE and/or Actviate Xtreme as ingredients are very similar but cheaper)
    My PCT :
    Clomid 50/50/50/50
    Nolva 20/20/20/20
    Caber 0.25 every 3 day 2 week
    0.5 every 3 day 2 week

    My blood test reports are:
    E2 : 36.00 pg/ml (Adult: less than 62.0)
    Total Test: 14.30 nmol/L (8.33 - 30.19)
    LH : 1.49 mIU/ml. (1.14 - 8.75)
    FSH : 1.41 mIU/ml (0.95 - 11.9)
    TSH : 5.575 uIU/ml (0.35 - 4.94)
    Prolactin: 0.22 ng/ml (0 - 15)
    Progesterone : 0.24 ng/ml. (0.10 - 0.20)
    My progesterone and TSH is high and prolactin is very low
    How should i solve my problem
    Is high progesterone or low prolactin causes my problem please Help.
    Do i need to see a doctor
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