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  • Hey bud, saw that you just started GW and S4. I trust your opinion since you provide such great info on here...wondering if you can let me know a good source? Mine no longer sells in the US unfortunately as they were legit. I'm so scared to get bunk shit. Thx bro
    Hey Rick, I'm new here. I recently started on a gw cycle I got from pharmacom. They are 10mg pills. I get nasty hives when I take them. Was wondering what your preferred product is. Liquid or pills. I've used pharmacom before for their mixes and loved their products.advice?
    Where would you suggest getting my sarms from? Theres a lot of suggestions out there but I've seen a lot of horror stories too.
    Hey rr. Sending this on my phone so can’t pm you. Shoot me a Biotech list when you get a chance. Thanks brother
    hey rick, i took lgd(pill form😬) for my first time a while ago, felt amazing gained muscle, got stronger, felt amazing. I decided to try again and this time in liquid form from the same company(medals research) i believe. this time a week or 2 in i got fatigued and could get hard but it took a lot of work. so i stopped taking and have been suppressed since, what should i do?? it’s been atleast 4 months
    Hey Rick, you mentioned in my intro a while back if I needed something to hit you up. I pinned test e today in my glute, when I was pushing the plunger in it almost seemed clogged and then it felt like it unclogged and it injected way easier and faster than usual. The pip almost seemed like what I would get the next day. Has this happened to you? Maybe the pip was because of the faster injection. I use a 27 g 1". Appreciate your help brotha.
    Are you confident in Biotech Sarms? I’m on week 3 and not sure they are legit. But, it’s my first Sarms cycle, so not exactly sure what to expect. Let me know bro! Thanks.
    What’s going brother. Was doing some research and looking for a source for caber/nolva and seems like you can help out?
    Hey buddy new to the site, looking for good sources I’ve talked to a few people and emailed them. But was looking to
    Maybe get into the Sarms and haven’t really been schooled on it. But I’m sure you could set me up with a good sarms source and I can do the research on the site for the rest and maybe for what to take to cut , lose weight and get lean gains.. I’m currently on TRT so I do injections weekly. Thanks for any help you can put forward.
    Hey Rick. Been patiently waiting for Sarmsx to return, but need to move onto something else! Read some posts that Biotech is a reliable source. I’m looking for Sarms at this point. Not exactly sure the plan, but have an idea per recent posts from others. Let me know and thanks!
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