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  • Hey can you please provide the email for the biotech guy for PCT. It only shows asterisks.
    Hi bro can you tell how to order from biotech and their website? Iam looking to buy ostarine and I live in Canada. Please help
    Hey man, I've been emailing back and forth with biotechsarms and were at the point of sale...they sent me a PayPal invoice. Is this correct? I recently ordered from robo and I sent cash in the brand new to this and just making sure the PayPal thing was g2g
    Hey brother. My old source has dissapeared on me and I see a lot of people on here reccomend you. I was hoping you could shoot me a price and product list.
    Hey RR, I work a full time job however was considering as a part time job selling PCT products just Clomid/Nolvadex really. Is opening up as a source on here something that is okay? Or what is typically the best route?
    Starting S4 this week. Saw a previous post where you mentioned taking a PCT afterwards. Specifically Clomid 25mg once a day for 4 weeks. Is this still what you would recommend? And do you know the best source to order online. Thank you very much man, respect for helping so many people out on these forums.
    Hey man. Thanks for the info. What source for ostarine would you recommend? I’m pumped to start but am almost convinced I need to wait until sarmsx returns

    Hey so id like your thoughts on taking RAD-140 SARM with a deer antler velvet I-GF (T-600) to be precise , ive been on rad 140 and mk 667 and the T-600 antler and i did blood work the other day after a month and my testosterone is low ? Just curious on your thoughts , i was told that the rad 140 is surprising my test and its butting heads with the T-600 IGF ???
    So basically...I run Ostarine for 12 weeks then the day after my last dose of Ostarine is when I start my PCT??

    For PCT I was looking at taking AHRIM-RX (Androsta) PCT. Cause the last thing I want is gyno and to raise my estrogen levels to a bad level

    How long do I run the PCT for as well man???
    I know I just signed up. I hate to ask so fast because I know you guys look down on it, but I'm truly trying to find a source. I intended to start my cycle this weekend,but like I said I got scammed. My gear would have come yesterday if the guy was legit. If you can help I really appreciate it
    I had a conversation with you in Oct. regarding SARMS. You gave me a link and said PM you for a price list. I checked out the link but can't seem to find it now. Would like to check it out as well as a price list.
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