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  • Hello I tried opening a new thread yesterday but it is still pending mod approval, and today I posted a reply but it instantly disappeared.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Hey man what is gw20mg ed? What did you think of my bloods you really think a pct would work?
    will estrogen effects any result of building muscle and burning fat ?
    so do the testosterone ? as iam runnig tren solo
    Hey bud I saw y'all don't like people asking openly about sources so I'd thought I would message you. I'm a college football player and my guy fell through and I need to get a cycle fast before my season starts. I just need a simple cycle of t bol and cyp. If you could please email me at [email protected] your recommendations I'd appreciate it a lot because you seem like you know what the hell you are talking about. Thanks man.
    Saw your post on a thread about Bio price list for Dostinex. How do I go about getting this list or ordering it. Also, we're talking about tablet from of destined right? I'm not looking for any liquid forms. Thanks.
    Hey brother need some advice. Long story short about a year ago I gambled with some shitty PHs and didn't take a PCT. I destroyed my test which still is and now I got pretty bad gyno, lumps about a little bigger than quarters. I ran some Letro from Enhanced Athletes and it didn't do much, wasn't sure if it was bunk/ underdosed or my test is just shot. I ran it for 4 weeks 2.5 ed followed with their nolva to taper at the end. It did nothing, didn't even feel the Nolva. Im just wondering, is there anything I can do besides surgery? I am in the Marine Core and there isn't much they can do. I fucked around with shit when I had no idea. Got stupid strong, and fucked myself. I know I'm extremely dumb man, I learned the hard way. Please any information would help, doc is out of the question.
    Hi Rick rock question I wanna take one cycle and I wanna use test 500 (injection) dianabol methandrostenolone 20mg tab
    Body type normal weight 192 height 6.2 age 34
    You think this stuff worth it to use one cycle what's the side effect for one cycle and you think what's the best way to take it thank you
    Sup bro! Ive seen alot on here about the Tongkat. Ive dug into it a little bit and it seems easy to attain and I couldnt find anything really about the legality side of it. Is it legal in the states? It seems theres been a bit of a tiff in europe but i didnt see any reports stateside.
    Hi... thx 4 yr reply......i have been doing various cycles now for approx 13 years.... previous cycles... weekly doses of 500 test with 700 Decca.. .
    500 test with 300 tri tren...
    Always done pct of HCG with Clomid and tamoxifen..... poor libido during part of cycle and during and after PCT...
    I always loose all my gains after a cycle...
    I am now 52 and weight in at 13 stone...waist line at 32 inches..
    I have listened to Dylan talking about stacking Test at MAX 500mg weekly with Decca Max 500mg and EQ at 900mg weekly.. cycle of 16 weeks..
    Also recommended by him Aromasin and Cabar.. does this sound ok?? but at what doses are these used ... and is it for the whole of the 16 weeks.... also do I need the GW501516...
    Also EQ is such a long acting.. so do I need to do a fast acting B4 I start my PCT..
    Then what to do after and how long do I need to have a break from cycles.
    Yr help is greatly appreciated.. thank you..
    Hey, u seem to know your stuff and answer quick so I'll ask you. I've been taking mk677 and cardarine for 4 days now and I noticed I had a really bad head ache today during my workout 30 mins after I took for of my pills. Is it coincidence or is that a side effect from my stack? Thanks
    Hi Rick,

    I got a problem where i'm getting pretty pissed off. My libido crashed since my second cycle of lgd, s4, rad and osta. Now, in the middle of my third cycle, my sex drive still sucks. I think i didn't fully recovered between the cycles.

    I hate this... What can i do to fix this libido problem? How long does it take to get my libido back?

    Looking forward to see your answer!
    Hello brother! What are the chances of the package being seized? I know this might sound stupid but I just wanted to know. I am from kentucky.
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