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  • Good am. Was looking around for sarms sources, but they have either closed, or appear shady. Could you kindly point me to where I could order good quality legit sarms, either liquid and/or powder form?

    Waiting on my bloodwork to get released but I doubt there would be any problems there. Would like to order for a bulking stack. Thanks so much. Have a great week ahead.
    Hello there!
    I’m just looking for some SRAMS stuff(gw s4.etc), but i dont know which is real. Would you please send me the good sources to me.
    Really thank you!
    Hey pro
    Can you send me info please.
    I am looking for a good sarms source of gw, s4 lgd, pct
    Thanks in advance
    Hey RickRock. I was hoping you could lace me up real quick on my first SARMS stack or any anabolic cycle of anysort. Been lifting on and off for couple years, age 23. Primary goal is muscle mass. What stack and dosage do you recommend? Where do I go about to acquiring SARMS? Much appreciated.
    Hey, I am about to put in an order with robo and before I did I heard about biotech. And you send me a list and how long delivery usually takes. Thanks bro
    Hey, Rick. I'm looking some advice and sources as far as sarms go. I'm not sure if this message will be public or not but I don't see any other way to message you. I'm new here and I really appreciate any help. Thanks, man.
    Hey RickRock, whats a good level of Free test if a guys doing test E at 350 a week?
    Just curious about a friend's blood work.
    Hey bud I was hoping you could help me I've been reading some forums and I see that you're very knowledgeable and i have a few questions in regards to SARMS and was hoping you could guide me into the right position. First I'll start with myself im 26. Been lifting for 6 years 5'10 186lbs bench 300 squat 380 DL 450. Main goal is to lean out without losing lbm. I am natty so everything is new to me. I of course have been doing alot of reading and so far ive obtained a bottle of mk2866 (ostarine). It was from IRC and after I purchased it I seen a post where you said they are not a good company to purchase from. So idk what to expect now... also i plan on 8 week cycle. And im wondering if i should just run it as is seeing how it's my first time or should I stack it with another. And my next question would be do I need a PCT? Thanks man cant wait to hear from you.
    Hey I’m new to the website just joined and not too sure on the rules here but I’m trying to start my first test/dbol/Deca cycle and was wondering if you knew any legit sources? As well as PCT. I heard of naps but also heard they are scammers..
    Hi, my name is Jason and I’m new to this forumn and SARMS. I got my first stack from IRC BIO but did a bunch of search on here and it seems the best place is biotech which I need to contact you for a link? Please help me out. I wanna make sure I have somewhere to go to buy from that I can trust.
    Hey man it’s been over 48 hours since I emailed biotech for an order placement and I still have no reply.
    Looking for legit caber source hopefully domestic? Have pl info but if I can find it domestic that would be better. Thank you
    Hey man,

    As far as biotech goes, do they source sarms and if they do, are they a source you'd recommend? I've been using irc and have had good luck but I wanted to branch out a bit.

    I appreciate any info you can give
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