Zero toxic pre contest cut cycle


I know There are a lot of variables but all things being equal can you compete successfully with out using toxic compounds? Does it exist or is it just a pipe dream ? Can you compete and place without tren or halo and Var and a boat load of hgh ? I’ve been pretty damn shredded and had some good size with test and primo/mast and low to moderate dose of gh and sarms but while I certainly look bigger and more vascular then most guys and people will often approach me and ask me if I compete as I am sure they do you guys (an even mix of guys and girls ) I don’t feel that I have ever approached the level of being competitive. That may be my body dysmorphia or reality idk. Just want to know your thoughts esp if you have competed before but even if you have not. Thanks
you dont have to use orals at all... not sure where you are even coming up with that but thats not a necessity at all... you have things like masteron that are specifically geared towards your aesthetics... there are several sarms EXCELLENT for muscle hardening, like s4 and acp-105 for example... they can bring a fuckload of vascularity and strength...
You do not need to use orals for copmetitions sir. As Dylan points out, there are plenty of other options. Primobolan also is a nice option and s23 and yk11 are also great options beyond what Dylan recommended.
Fair enough. I was including things like tren and para….it seems like everyone I’ve ever spoken to that has competed has been on either tren or var/halo fins etc when they compete…..I can’t do tren because I can’t have any negative impact on my cardio however incremental it may be with the addition if GW and was worried that my current cycle would not get me to that level. I did also drop my test cyp from 500 /wk to 300-400 and as you know I’m running primo at 600 , adex at .75 ED , gW,SR,YK and will swap out the primo for masteron enantahte for the last 10 weeks at 800/wk. aside from that I could throw on the s23 and Acp as suggested. I tend to go on the higher end of the doseinv guidelines with the sarms and try and be modest with the gear with the exception of masteron which I will take as much as I can up to 800wk depending on how bad the muscle cramping I get is. Also GH is 3-4iu a day.
I also get some really intense muscle fatigue and cramping when I do high rep sets that I did not before the YK and hgh as well as hands falling asleep and lethargy as expected from the hgh. Thank you for the guidance. I definitely don’t like to mess with orals at all if I don’t have to so that was good to hear.
I understand every drug has its risks I was just trying to ascertain whether you can get competition ready without either c17AA liver toxic drugs or tren as in my experience with the guys I have talked to that compete those are the most frequently used and I’m trying to watch my liver values and can’t afford to take a hit on my cardio so I’ve pretty much stuck with the test/primo then mast / and gh with a variety of sarms. I was just trying ti eastablish if I can attain the same or similar results to what I would get from tren and orals from what I am doing now. That was what I was asking sorry if I did not communicate that effectively. Thank you guys for all your feedback.
i one million percent guarantee that everyone that competes DO NOT USE ORALS bro... ive coached THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people over the past decade that compete...
Orals are great additions for obvious reasons but you do not have to use them to be in a show at all man. Ive seen countless people run things like test, tren and mast and that's it for a show and shit, even with just primo in there. There are so many options you can go with or like Dylan pointed out, you can run some hardening sarms as well.
Thanks FS ! Just trying to live my best life wirhout shortening it and things like tren are off limits for me and now anythingthsts c17aa as well so knowingi can replace with sarms like acp and 23 along with my test hgh and primo and mast 10 weeks out is good to know
Hard to say for sure because genetics are the biggest factor in all of this. I would say that most guys have to use gear (injectables and orals) to compete at a high level.
Haha body dysmorphia our own worst enemy lol I get asked if I compete or am getting ready for a show pretty often but I naturally have a pretty low body percentage and fast metabolism also I feel like that’s just some bullshit people say yo start a convo now an days and cut into my workout lol.
Sounds like you are doing pretty good without orals man I’d stay away from them.
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