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Hello everyone!

I am a new member on this forum. I would like to ask a question about a cycle and your opinion about it because I've read and heard 2 completely different theories about it.

I am 31 years old 178cm height, doing sport, martial arts, gym since the age of 13 completely naturally, now I am mainly a gym guy. Currently I am 96kg, realistically 14% BF, (machine measured 9.6% and 9.8% but I doubt it, altho I have visible abs and veins) Strenght measure: 200kg deadlift, 170 squat (with injury) 170 bench (these are natural data)

Currently I am bulking up, diet and training is dialed in for the goals. Cutting will start around April.

I did a Test E + Primo 400mg + 400mg cycle back in March (16 weeks) and felt great even after PCT. It was a test run. From September I started a Test E + Boldenone + NPP cycle 400mg + 400mg + 300mg. From last week (week 8) I dropped the NPP because of shortage of supplies roughly for 2 weeks and did not want to switch to Deca, so I raised the doses for the test and Boldenone to 500mg + 600mg and added the remained Primo from the last cycle at 600mg.

Now before you bash me and call me stupid and crazy, I know that the EQ and Primo supposedly suppress E2, BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE. Even at 400mg Test I did not feel anything E2 related, I might be a low aromatizer or not bound by E2 effects so much.

Second thing that I read is that this combo is mostly a stupid idea because there is 0 synergy between EQ and Primo and also the 500mg Test is nothing for this cycle.

But from Dylan in this forum I read that this is a great combo......I am confused. Please do not be harsh, some said that even the Test + Bold is too much as a second cycle.....

Thank you guys!
ive never been a huge fan of stacking primo with eq bro... also, NOONE is going to go so far as to call you stupid... that wouldnt be tolerated...

now the 500 mg nonsense is another story... i will NEVER subscribe to the fact that you HAVE to use that much test.. that is some of the biggest nonsensical broscience meathead garbage there is... EVERYONE is different and NOT all rules apply... this is all trial and error, no matter how much we know...

also, you never gave primo enough time whatsoever to work.. what you need was quite nonsensical and makes no sense... thats really on you... definitely not going to call you stupid for that but you alone take responsibility for what you get when you do something like that...

here is a video i did discussing good options for a beginner but not one on a first cycle

Dylan has you completely covered! I have never felt the need to stack Primobolan with Equipoise myself.
I use to run my test at 500 mg on every single cycle. Until I came here now I stay more around the 300 range max my gains haven’t been hindered one bit.
you can stack what you want together. steroids are all different. just make sure you buy from domestic supply so you get real steroids
EQ does not suppress E2. It actually dies the opposite and aromatizes. It doesn't to a large degree but it does aromatize
EQ does aromatize, but does it too slow where you won't need an AI

if you stack test with it then yes use an AI
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