Withdrawal Side effects


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Height 5'6
Weight 155
Body fat % 15%
Years of training 4
Complete cycle history : 1 cycle
1-10 weeks test-e 500mg a week
1-8 weeks masteron 200mg
1-2 weeks anadrol 50mg
6-8 weeks dbol 40mg
(started running an AI at the tail end of my cycle which was arimidex)

Supplements (if any) milk thistle
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???) shrimp
Any other relevant info (had a torn labrum repaired in my left shoulder)

to start off im a complete ignorant idiot who got himself into something i shouldnt have. I ended up learning and coming across actual knowledge about steroids and the correct way to use them towards the tail end of my cycle.

My last test-e injection was approximately 9 days ago (last monday, Janurary 29th)
On janurary 31st i began to have what i thought to be "heart palpitations" and had severe anxiety through out the weekend. Went to the hospital, they ran an EKG, no abnormalities, came out perfect (they ran a good 5-6 ekg exams while i was there, no signs of abnormalities) They also did an xray and ran blood test on me, everything was perfect and within range which suprised me because even my AST/ALT was within range after i ran two really hepatoxic orals in a matter of 10 weeks. They ran a cardiac enzyme to make sure i hadn't had any heart damage (there was none) and the xray showed no enlargement of my heart or any issues, (same with my lungs). My BP was on a little high with a 153/70 with a pulse of 70. Long story short, everything was close to normal. My anxiety had settle down for a few days, ive felt so relieved, my BP was back to normal 108/60 and 120/65 around those ranges everytime until today when my anxiety started to slightly kick up again, ive realized its all mental but its really edging me on and its really annoying. I had some tenderness on my breast and a lot of water retention the days after my last injection and i have already lost the majority of it, its just the anxiety and emotional episodes ive had within this time frame before starting my pct that has me alarmed. Is this normal? have any of you had any similar symptoms and do they dissipate? I dont have a severe history with anxiety but its almost the same anxiety i would feel as a child, restless, stressed about stupid shit i wouldnt have even thought or been concerned about a few weeks go to even before i started my cycle. (i also realized my neck and chest tend to warm up when the anxiety comes along, almost making my head feel abnormally heavy) (im an idiot who didnt taper off except my last week ( i went from 500mg a week to 250)
You need to get bloodwork done. Could be high estrogen. Arimidex won't do anything for you when you are on that heavy of a cycle. You need aromasin. You are more than likely going to rebound pretty bad. Do you have a pct planned? What's your age?
You also only run test on first cycle so you can figure out how your body is going to respond to the intro of exogenous hormones. You ran way to much shit bud.
I don't think there is any need to taper off, I'm sure one of the more experienced members on here will correct me if I'm wrong tho! As for withdrawal issues I haven't had anxiety but defiantly felt a huge decrease in motivation almost depression like symptoms, but yes they went away a week or two after pct

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you dont need to "taper" anything and i have no clue why you keep bringing that up... the idiot thing you did was run so much shit on a first cycle so who knows what is causing it but you just put your body on overload and by doing this, i have no clue what exactly caused it but introducing your body to this much all at once is just horrible man.. you dont introduce your body to a foreign stimulus in this manner...
Tapering off doesn't do shit for you. Long esters self taper as it is, if you factor in half lives.

This sounds like self induced anxiety to me, and happens to a lot of people, especially going on or coming off cycle. The fact that you have hormone fluctuations isn't going to help things either. What do you have for pct?
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