Where to get blood test Is this the right one? Also how many hours post injection of sustanon should I do my test? I do 150mg everyday of sust right now

So I'm taking it that you need an uncapped testosterone test? I didn't realize you were on a cycle. I thought this was for natural levels. If it's not, the female hormone panel won't work for you since its capped at 1500ng/dl

I don't believe private md has an uncapped test, but I know another company does....just can't remember who off hand
I live on an island haha. If I asked my doctor, would he cut my void my insurance if he finds out I'm on steroids?

Purchase a gift certificate from Private labs and purchase you tests with the gift certificate and then drive to CT
I'm also running 1g of his test and also 700 tren(phurious) and 500mast along with 25mg aromasin eod... Tren and masteron doesn't affect test levels do they?
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