What happens if you switch to another sarm half way through your cycle


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For example; I was wondering what would happen if I finished up my second bottle of SR and bought Cardarine would it completely mess up my cycle ?
Carderine is not an issue you can run that whenever is not even really a Sarm it’s just put in that category. You can run it whenever during a cycle after doesn’t matter.
i wouldnt say it would "mess up your cycle" but you are still switching after a short duration of time so you just are not getting the most out of it but you certainly can still get benefits
no it won't mess up your cycle but why are you making the change
Well I was thinking Cardarine has a half life of 24 hours while SR has 3-4 hours and you have to repeatedly take it throughout the day, therefore I was just thinking what if I switched to Cardarine since it does about the same things as SR but better.

Just a thought.
no it won't mess up your cycle but why are you making the change
Therefore since it has a 24 hour half life I would only take it once a day but also since I'm taking it once a day it would help me save money as well if I'm thinking correctly.
Its best to run a compound tp get its max benefit rather than using it half and then a different one
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