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Any one else having problems sending payment using Western Union? I've made several purchases with a source on this forum but I guess I've been black flagged or something. I've tried a couple times now and the payment gets rejected and refunded back to me. I had to get a friend to send payment for my last order but now I've had two different friends try to send payment and both got rejected for what they said looked like fraud. FYI, the payment is going to China. I'm looking in to bitcoin but don't know much about it and seems like they charge you like 12% or more to purchase but I'd have to switch sources because my current one doesn't take bitcoin. Any thoughts? Any suggestions on what I can try? Thanks for any input.
I had the same issue with money gram and had to switch over to western Union. I never did figure out what the issue was.

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Are you trying to pay online or going to western union location? I’ve seen them block people online who receive lots of payments from different people. I never have problems in person.
According to a very popular source here on the forum, Western Union in China is having issues. I had the same issue as well.

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Thanks for info. Any recommendations on sources who either take WU in US or bitcoin with domestic shipping? Also, I'm looking at wallets and purchasing bitcoins with credit card what do you guys use?
I use Gemini Exchange to purchase bitcoin. I forgot the name of the actual wallet I downloaded for transactions but I'll post it for you when I get back in front of my pc. Once you purchase bitcoin from the exchange using your bank account it takes up to 5 business before you can transfer the bitcoin to your wallet.

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Thanks for the info biggamike. If you remember later send me which wallet you use. I'm going to take look at Gemini Exchange.
Just checking (cautious). Thinking of ordering near the end of this month. PL prices are unbeatable, especially in bulk.

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I’ve tried using cash at grocery stores and been denied once I said it was going to China. Had to go to a WU location or drugstore.

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