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Weighing for weight loss


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So I am a late comer to this, but I must say I was wrong for avoiding it.
Scales for weighing food!!!
This has been a small, easy and useful game changer.
My wife has a small scale on the counter and uses it for everything she eats.
I avoided it cause I am a MAN!!! I don’t need that silly thing.
Psssssst Don’t tell my wife I was wrong!!!!
I use the under armor “my fitnesspal“ app to track my food.! Now I weight most everything.
I have been able to dial my diet in even better than before. I always eyeballed everything and guessed at others. I have found I get more food now.
She even weights the liquid stuff instead of measuring it. Even her coffee creamer.
I never thought of how easy that is and it’s less dirty dishes.

So for those trying to dial in your diet I highly recommend this along with counting/ tracking your foods.
Get an app for food tracking. Most have the foods easily to search. And most use just scan the barcode
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Tracking everything we eat has helped me and my gf a lot too.