TRT Dose and AI


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Hello all. question regarding my TRT protocol and more so just general advice. I understand everyone is different however looking for advice on my AI timing and general dosage

My second to last lab test i was taking-
200mg Test Cyp, all in one shot every sunday
Arimidex @ 1mg each week, 0.5mg about 24 hours after injection, another 0.5mg about 48 hours after
Total T: 757
E2: 25
Free Test: 24
SHBG: 15
Felt a bit sluggish. Ive always done better with total T levels over 1,000 and blood markers always stay good, have to donate about 2-3 times a year

Latest Test:
250mg Test Cyp, all in one shot every sunday (im aware splitting the dose into two shots would be better but i travel very often so sunday shots are my only option)
Arimidex @ 1.25mg per week, 0.5mg 12 hours after shot, 0.5mg 36 hours after shot, 0.25mg about 48 hours after
Total T: 1273
E2: 21
Free Test: 37
SHBG: 20
Feel generally pretty great, but sometimes i felt off. Read that many guys try to refrain from an AI so then i lowered my dose back to 1MG every week again and actually felt great but within weeks started looking very bloated and gaining weight quickly, love handles etc..

So my questions is pretty general and i understand its not very cookie cutter but what would be a typical Arimidex dosage on 250mg? And also timing? 12 hours after shot, 24? Like i said, i feel great on the higher test and blood markers look great every quarter i get them done outside of needing to donate a couple times a year. Ive tried going lower on my test dose but i just never feel great. Personally i believe i need to be around 1-1.25mg of AI every week but really trying to figure out how i should space out taking it and timing? Any thoughts or suggestions?


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absolutely zero clue... the starting dose is .5 mg eod and you have to just follow it and determine from there... you already kind of know that is going to be the answer.. YOU have to determine through closely following bloodwork etc... if you feel thats what you need then thats what you should go with... all i can give you are "general" dosing but for instance, i still need an ai at 250 mg week where it would crush a lot of peoples' estrogen etc...

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Tough call there sir. There is no set timing you need to dose it after a shot that you really need to focus on. As Dylan pointed out, some would need far more than others at this dose. I am not as estrogen prone so I would not even need one at that point but everyone requires different dosings


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on 250 you would want a tiny dosage of adex every 2-3 days and then go from there. as you build experience via bloods and trial/error you will know if you need more or less


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Bloodwork will determine this. There is a lot of other threads telling you the recommend starting doses but you have to find what is good for you.


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You should never use an AI on TRT. If you are that means either your test dose is way too high or you are not pinning frequently enough. I get the whole ester thing but with TRT it does not pan out that way in the real world. You want to pin as often as possible. Daily if you can.


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At that dose I wouldnt be taking an ai, but I dont need one or use one until I'm over 500mg . Your estrogen is normal but lower than where i feel best myself so that couod be a factor as well.