Tren and hair shedding


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hey Dylan

A little about me: 40 years old, ran 4 cycles, never ran Tren, Have most my hair, and a slight widows peak at 40, Dad has about the same at 70/ Ran Tren Ace/TestProp at low doses for 5 weeks and then got hit with hair shedding, I dropped the Tren and have continued running Var (which I ran with no hair loss before) instead to finish my cutting cycle, hair shed persists. I also fasted before cycle.Going to start PCT tomorow.Now I know they say finisteride is useless with Tren, but as it stands I stopped using Tren Ace over 2 weeks ago and I'm still shedding. So it's clearly out of my system, could the finesteide help now?
Anavar is DHT-based, and would cause continued hair loss if you are prone. Additionally, finasteride blocks DHT conversion so it is useless against DHT-based steroids. Finally, finasteride has some really ugly side effects in it's own right that, in my opinion, make it not worthwhile. If keeping your hair is important, I would rethink the compounds that you are cycling.

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look up post finasteride syndrome and i think you'll reconsider ever even bringing up using it
I did and jesus... not going to touch that. I'd rather be bald than have tits and no dick.

Okay, back to my situation. This is fucking weird, Today my gf just pointed out to me a random bald chunk of missing hair on the back of my head. Not in the usual monk, Male pattern baldness area either. Somwhere off to the side.

I showed bloods for Tren here when I was on them and they demonstrated insanely inflated estriodol levels as well, which is common, but when I was on it, I also felt like I was having heart palpitation, zero energy, and like I was near death on an extremely low dose.

Don't think I'll be fucking with Tren anytime soon even though even though on the plus side it seemed to fundamentally change the rest my body composition into something far superior in a couple weeks.

Bizarre and mysterious compound.
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