Thanks Phurious

Could be. My prop is usually pretty pain free. Maybe u got a nerve. Well just ice it and pop some advil.


Pinned 2x in quad. Very minimal pain. Only felt it the next morning which is likely just lack of movement. So far so good, though. Can't wait for fun in the upcoming weeks. Any updates on the oral stock?
Its gonna be a min. Cause i have to order raws and get them in and then make the products.

Well if it becomes that ur not a fan of prop we can switch it.

Yeah, I think you'll really love the prop, as long as you don't mind the eod pinning ;).

EOD? Pinning ED lol ;)

4th day ED tren ace/test prop already feeling pump. good sign.

day 1 pinned right quad and had AWFUL PIP. Day 2 right quad, minimal PIP. Day 3 left quad, PIP is there, but not as bad as right quad. Day 4 (today) left quad, almost painless. Just need to get used to the prop
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