TestProp PIP vs Test400 PIP?


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Im thing about trying Prop for the 1st time on my next bulk. However, I'm just wondering how bad the PIP is.
A few years ago I tried test 400, which was the worst experience ever. If I pinned the glute, I couldn't sit down. If I pinned the delt, I couldn't move my arm. Anywhere I pinned I was practically paralyzed.
I don't mind a little PIP, but is test prop as bad as test 400....?


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thats because test 400, being a 400 concentration, is going to be very painful and not even comparable to test prop in terms of pip.. test prop can provide a small amount of pip but its common knowledge that the higher the concentration, the worse the pip and 400 is a very high concentration...

Fella Finn

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You would not want to go with a concentration level that high or you will endure a lot of pain, as you already know. It is not nearly as painful as test propionate and with higher quality compounds, the pip will be less. Check out Domestic Supply for the best quality you can find!