Test P, NPP, Mast P


Anyone every run this combo? Its my buddy's favorite cycle, but he uses the long ester of each compound.

Would this be a decent lean bulking cycle in your opinion? Something as follows:

Week 1-8
Test P - 100 mg eod
NPP - 100 mg eod
Mast P - 50 mg eod
Proviron - 50mg ed
Aromasin - 12.5 eod (adjust as needed)
Caber - on hand if needed

After week 8 back to TRT (180mg per week)

I understand the Mast is better in a cutting stack, friend claims it helps keep him lean throughout the cycle. I have done a bit a research and guys either seem to love it or say the mast doesn't make sense.

Thoughts, comments?


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mast makes perfect sense in this cycle... this is an excellent cycle plan except the mast dose is way off... thats pointless at that dose... if ran properly, this could be an amazing cycle.. mast should be at least 150 mg eod


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Masteron is always a great add with nandrlones. I ran it with deca this winter