Test in every cycle?


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NO! If you watched 60 minutes last night and saw how the Russian Gov administered steroids to it's women track runners and men in shotput and weightlifting, you can see that it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. A sprinter can run faster on a 6 week run of 25mg winstrol per day. A boxer can hit harder on 400mgs eq for 6 weeks. A pitcher can throw harder while on tbol.
I do not want to go into why, but rather I want the readers of this board to understand the philosophy here. I assume that those of you here want to get strong, be muscular,do a cycle that produces good gains and then you keep those gains. In different words, WE HERE have different goals and our goals require test in every cycle. This ensures that you keep your gains. The boxer does not care once the fight is over. The sprinter does not care once he runs.
See? Different goals.

Some here recently posted why do some other sites say we do not need test and why did they not include test in the old days.The fact is that the old school guys did indeed use test as base except for brief time when they were mesmerized by two new drugs hitting the market. Dbol and deca came out so the thinking was to ditch that old time testE shit...we got new gear bros.You know how that goes...human nature looking for the next big thing.
It did not take long on these dbol only and even worse dbol deca cycles for the sides to be life wreckers.Some person, who is well known,decided to try all 3 together and zoom, that was the new trend. Deca,dbol, TEST.I was around in those days and I did a cycle of dbol and deca and felt sub human. On my own,after 4 weeks I pinned 400mgs testP and felt better in one week. This is bodybuilding we are talking about. Not pitching,sprinting,boxing etc. We are talking muscle and might that we work hard for and would like to keep. If this is you, just males now, then test in each in every cycle.


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Bro deca and dbol alone is great till about week 6 or so when the only thing that gets hard and cums is your nipples lmao


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Great read as always. This should be a no brainer but unfortunately people don't use their head and research before acting. Test should and needs to be the backbone of each and every aas cycle....period.

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Bringing drb to the AP this morning to go back home. I asked what the dbol deca was like and he said no dick, no well being after a few weeks, and recovery from a a hard workout not as good. I am glad I wasn't using in his day. There was a lot of hit or miss.The best thing for his sons was the meticulous diary with lots of notes that he kept.