Test E + Anavar + S4


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Hey guys,

Just wondering what are some thoughts about adding S4 to an Test E, Anavar cycle.
Im coming off my TRT of 100mg/w and 500iu/w of HCG for a little bit of a cut for the rest of the summer.
This is going to be a very light cycle, going to use as little as possible and make the best out of it.
Has anyone experenced the vision problems at 25mg of S4?
Ive already started the Test and Var but wanted to add the S4 in also.

Weeks 1 - 10 Test E 250mg/w
Weeks 1 - 6 Anavar 20mg/d
Weeks 1 - 10 S4 25mg/d

I also have Deca and MK677 on hand and was thinking about adding the Deca in at around 250mg/w to help with my joints as it is clearly known anavar can cause the joints to dry out causing pain. Im sure this is do to a very restricted caloric intake but if it helps why not.



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you will be disappointed if you only run it at 25 mg per day... you can definitely add it to the cycle but i would go no less than 50 mg

i would not use deca here because its just masking your injury.. add mk2866 and you will get real healing.. you will with mk677 as well but it takes longer to get working for you where mk2866 will be faster acting than 677 would be