Suggested HGH Dosage


Hi -

I'm currently on TRT along with MK, S4, Cardarine and SR9009 (cutting down a little). This is my "bridge" in between 500 Test and then sometime 500 Deca.

I'm 5'10, 215 lbs and around 10% BF (Per InBody scales). I track my nutrition religiously and lift weights 5-6 days/week and do 2-3 days of 30 minutes cardio.

I'm considering adding HGH and don't know what the true suggested dosage would be (trying to determine a cost). I know that I would need to "ramp up" but if I'm looking to achieve just "fat loss" how many IUs/day would I need (split or at once) and if I wanted to go to the next level and help build some "lean tissue", how many IUs/day would I need?



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It depends on whether you go with pharmaceutical or Generic. I'd say 2iu Pharma. Generics vary so much that it's really hard to tell.


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As stated above really 2IUs of high quality HGH is enough.

So many generics out there just be careful as cheap HGH usually correlates with underdosed HGH.


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Start low 1iu and increase slowly over a period of time. You'll know when to stop increasing. You'll either get significant water retention or your wrists and forearms will ache. Don't be foolish and start with a high dose you'll regret it.