SubQ vs intramuscular


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Like most, while on TRT, my hematocrit and hemoglobin rises. This causes me to have to donate blood. I was taking one intramuscular injection a week, but switched to subQ. I have a friend who started doing 3 small subQ injections during the week. After a month he had his blood checked and his red blood cell count, hematocrit and hemoglobin were all in normal ranges. I just started doing subQ last week. From what I read subQ doesn't hit your blood stream as quickly as IM, which is better for more stable blood levels and doesn't cause spikes.

Anyone else use subQ or have thoughts on it?
i dont use sub q but i do know people that do it and seem to like it... ive never had one issue with im in terms of rbcs etc... everyone is different though and you just have to test it out and see whats best for you
I have been interested in this myself how small are u planning on injecting sub Q or how much does your friend inject sub q?
Not something I've tried. I've had bo interest to do it since oil volume has to be so low to do it. Youd end up having to pin more. Backfilling insulin pins is a big hassle too
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