Hematocrit & Hemoglobin


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Doing only 100-120 mg of TRT (sub q) a week my hematocrit and hemoglobin are always high. Range for hematocrit for adult males 13.8-17.2. Without fail my blood work comes back anywhere from 18 to over 19. In fact, I recently donated blood two weeks before my checkup with my primary and my hematocrit was 19.2.

I donate blood every 3-6 months. The problem I ran into is if I donate often my other iron markers Ferritin, MCV, and other iron markers will go below the normal range showing I'm anemic.

It's like I'm in a catch 22.

Anyone else have this issue?
Mine tends to be high on cycle but yes I do give blood every 3 months. My brother is 65 and has been on trt
since he has been 25 and his will fluctuate high sometimes. He doesnt blast and doesnt work out either. Maybe diet
has some to do with it ???
I dont but ive seen it with some.. this is just person to person bro.. its just something your doctor would be monitoring and helping with... theres a lot of possibilities on what could be causing
I'm on the carnivore diet. The meat and beef liver could be exacerbating it. But, yes, I seem to run high regardless.
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