SR9009 worth it?


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First shout to to the brothers rick and Dylan, I asked a question a while ago and y’all held it down for me I appreciate that. Anyway; I’ve been strongly considering SR9009 for cutting and was thinking about buying it this week but I got a bunch of heads telling me it’s only 23% bioavailable and that it won’t do much for me. Is this true? How do I increase its bioavailability then? Since I’m taking it 4 times a day I thought that’s help but I’m lost. Any info on how to make sure SR9009 will be effective for me will be greatly appreciate. Much love.


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its definitely worth it... the results that we have all seen speak for themselves... if it wasnt worth it, i would NEVER recommend it to anyone


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I've seen the info out there about bioavailability, but despite what it's saying it Obviously works. I know personally how well it works. It did wonders for me on fat loss when I added it in last summer, and there's an endless amount of users that's had nothing but great things to say about it