Serious question. Will Clen help me lose muscle?


As crazy as it might sound, im actually trying to lose muscle. Im done with that "I wanna be aesthetic af brah" phase. And want to be slim/tone (and for other fitness reasons). Will clen actually help me lose muscle? I have clen laying around from my previous AAS cycles.

I'm going back to freestyle calisthenics and all the extra weight I've gained is unnecessary.
You don't need drugs to achieve your goals. Diet and cardio.
I feel like losing muscle isn’t hard...
But no clen actually gives me a more dense harder look
clen will help you to have heart problems long term and help you to experience shakes etc. and a slew of other side effects... if you want to lose muscle that bad, just cut your calories down, don't lift etc... you dont need fucking clen to do this... thats honestly absurd
Yep I have to chime in with - a ton of cardio. When you ride the bicycle as much as I do you will actually have to deal with muscle wasting. One week of solid riding back to back will slim my shoulders , arms and chest way down. I often have to combat that with a lot of upper body stuff. But if you like looking like a skinny athletic build I highly suggest a shit ton of cardio.

Clean will not do shit unless you like having heart and cardio problems.
60 to 75 mins of cardio will do the trick. Don't mess with clen nasty stuff that will mess your heart up. If your stuck on a drug to do the trick a lil T3 . Save your $$ and blast some sweat dripping cardio.
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