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SarmsForSale Log!


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Also got an updated progress pic a little while after my workout:



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Excellent work sir. Keep up the good work and detailed log. We appreciate it, and it helps keep me motivated.


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Thanks guys yea and I haven?t even added the mk2866, rad140, and lgd yet!

Slyder haha no problem brotha just keep grinding and yea I post pics too as it helps hold me accountable so I always say even if you don?t want to post them take them the mirror doesn?t lie!


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fuck bro, just wait until you add those

I know pumped to add those beginning of April!

Ok killed back workout today. Felt really good after a cardio day with abs and stretching yesterday so went hard.

Workout consisted of:

4 sets of chin-ups with 20LBs added to dip belt. Reps were 9/8/6/6
4 sets of pull-ups with 20Lbs added to dip belt. Reps were 8/7/7/6
4 sets of alternate hand pull-ups (one hand overhand one hand underhand) with just bodyweight alternating grips with each set. Reps were 10/9/8/6

4 sets of bodyweight bar pulls. My dip station has a straight bar across so positioning myself under it and pulling my chest to the bar and alternating over hand and under hand grips each set. Reps were 15/13/11/10

Finished with 3 sets of bent over single hand dumbbell rows with 90 pounds on my adjustable dumbbell. Reps were 12/10/8

I usually do zero biceps and that was the same today. If you cant do pull-ups or chin-ups my stance is you have no reason to do biceps. If you hit those 2 exercises hard enough you will grow biceps without focusing on them. Not saying they are useless but id rather focus on larger exercises that hit multiple muscle groups.

A few pics arms are getting larger and a gratuitous pic for sarmsforsale LOL (couldnt resist! Also ignore my dirty basement!). Remember BUY AMERICAN!

Have a good one guys!






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Ok 2 more days in and the Cardarine and SR9009 are definitely helping me push through my workouts. This morning was leg day so workout was as follows:

20 mins warmup on airdyne bike
5 sets x 15 reps 90 pound goblet squats
5 sets x 15 reps 35 pound dumbbells in each hand lunge with foot up on my flat bench
5 sets x 30 reps glute/ham bridges with feet up on an exercise ball
5 sets x 20 reps hamstring curls with feet up on an exercise ball
5 sets x 25 reps straight leg dead lifts with 60 pound dumbbells in each hand

Finished with 5 sets of regular planks and then 5 sets of side planks.

Pretty good burn for my legs. Had no issues pushing through any of it and thats part of the beauty of the Cardarine and SR9009 you just notic you dont get fatigued anywhere near as quickly as without it.

Also lots of stretching afterwards to keep my back loose as if I dont and my quads and hammys get tight im screwed back is a mess!

Food wise I was able to snag about 25 cans of chicken breast in water so having that drained and mixed with some home made guacamole and putting that on a lavash flax/soy wrap along with shredded lettuce and tomato. Not too bad tasting either!

Stay safe everyone!


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nice bro.. just drain and rinse the chicken etc like you already know... great job! keep the updates coming!


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So even though I cant leave my house LOL things are cruising along!

The GW and SR9009 are 100% legit and the best ive run so far bar none. My cardio is through the roof which has been awesome for leaning out. Im down to 249 pounds now so down about 6 pounds overall in about 2 weeks!

This morning was chest day. Im starting to mix in supersets to mix things up so workout was:

6 rounds of:
95 pounds each dumbbell flat bench - reps were 9/8/8/7/6/6
Bodyweight Dips - 14/12/10/9/8/7
Tricep extensions with 50 pound dumbbells - 10/9/8/7/6/6
50 pound dumbbell flys - 13/11/9/8/6/6
50 pound upright dumbbell rows - 10/9/9/7/6/5
Pushups - 25/22/20/19/17/15

Literally dripping sweat was a nasty workout but feeling great!

Breakfast was a cup steel cut oats with some stevia and 2 scoops chocolate casein protein powder.

Update pic below keep at it guys!