SARMs for a guy on TRT with low SHBG

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Ok I have been on dr prescribed test only 100mg week for 3 years and haven?t really felt improvement. I have tried as high as 150mg week and felt worse. Dr refuses to give me AI even with estrogen in the high 40- low 50 range. I bought some Anastrozole and first dose woke up with morning wood havnt had in years and felt much better the next day. In the last week voice have deepened erections harder and feel the best I have on trt so far.

Im doing daily 15mg test injections for the last few months it?s supposed to be better for low SHBG guys Im at 18. Doing daily 1/8mg dose of Anastrozole and looking to drop a few more pounds I?m about 15% body fat.Will be getting new labs soon after three weeks of Anastrozole And at least two weeks of the SARMs below.

Before finding this site I ordered (not sure if I can say where from)
3 bottles - GW-501516 (Cardarine) Liquid 10mg per ml (30ml)
3 bottles - MK-2866 (Ostarine) Liquid 33mg per ml (30ml)

I was planing to run 1ml of each per day dosed .5ml morning and .5ml evening looking to shed weight till this is gone then do a bulking SARM cycle.
Id be cautious tons of fake sarms out there....

Have you looked at proviron? That can help with SHBG.
you can post whatever you want in terms of sources, just be prepared for an honest answer on things and one you may or may not like but thats the whole point in asking! so just let us know but 33 mg/ml off the bat sounds pretty shady...
As Dylan said I've never heard of 33mg and ml that is a very weird dose for sure. Only one source I use for sarms as I know its legitimate because I've run them, is the only source I can recommend
Yah found this site too late will order from SARMs for sale next time!

I got these from Loti Labs I ordered from them because they We?re one of the sites I found that accept credit cards I?m not giving anyone my checking info to drain my account!

Been on them for 5 days now and I feeling something already definitely getting better erections and my skin is red/flushed got a little more energy falling asleep for a nap everyday (this I never can do if the sun is up so am I) also struggling to stay awake past 8pm sleeping pretty good waking with wood every night but also waking at 3-4am ready to tackle the world but wish I could go back to sleep I usually wake at 5-6am.
yeah man, 33mg/ml honestly makes zero sense... it shows already they dont know what they are doing...
some people say that sarms causes a change to SHBG> i say so what. that is like someone saying steroids drop test levels.

i honestly don't pay a lick of attention to that in bloodwork
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