SARMs during gym closure, or better to wait?


I have some Sarms on-hand (LGD, RAD, MK-2866) for a 'lean bulk' cycle I was about to run, but as I was ready to start about 3 weeks ago they finally closed the gyms here in Iraq. I have been holding off on starting them because I figured it'd almost be a waste since I can't hit the weights properly. I scrounged up a few resistance bands and have been working out as good as humanly possible with them (following my usual training split), although it's just not the same as real weight. Also doing some fasted jogging in the morning.

Then I thought, it actually might be the perfect time to utilize Sarms as to give me some extra help in building or at least preserving muscle mass during this situation. Thoughts? Or better to hold off until I can access the gym again and take full advantage?


Bro where have you been we've been talking about this for the last month... Lol

SARMS are excellent for preserving muscle so they are a good choice right now while doing what you can as far as training.


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I agree with cbbram. Even if you only went with just a single SARM, at least you can spare some muscle. You will be surprised how good of a workout you can get once you are forced to become creative.