Rad 140 and Mk 677 cycle stopped mid cycle


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Basically my cycle of MK 677 and Rad 140 got cut off in the middle of a cycle. I was doing 15mg of rad140 and 10mg of mk677 per day but had to stop for a work emergency when I had to leave the country to go help out at one of our international offices for about a week. This was three weeks into my 8-week planned cycle. I'm back now and I'm wondering if it would be a better idea to just pick up where I left off or to take a break for an extended amount of time and start fresh in a month or two. This is my first cycle for both at age 33.
If you only missed one week, I would just pick it back up
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well to start with, you need to run this cycle at least 12 weeks, not 8 and mk677 needs to be ran 6 months minimum or you are just wasting time and money on it... you should have known this before you bought it and started using it
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