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Looking to add lean mass and lose a few pounds of fat at the same time. I am planning a 6 week sarm cycle of Rad-140 and Cardarine. The rad will be dosed 2.5mg a day for 2 weeks then 5 for two weeks and then 7.5 for the final two weeks. the cardarine is just gonna be one capsule a day at 10mg and stay that way throughout the cycle and I might continue to run cardarine after I cycle off the Rad. I am also planning on running a small test booster/liver support supplement at the same time just to help my liver out just a lil and just in case the rad suppresses me this will help combat it a little bit. Wondering if this is a good cycle choice for lean mass and a small cut?
You likely won't see much from that. Your dosages are way off from what is recommended and your cycle length is too short.

RAD and GW are both recommended to be ran at 20mg per day, and the shortest i would run them is 8 weeks.. 12 is ideal

Where are your sarms from?
Ok im a male. my results/physique currently is on the 4 week ostarine cycle posted recently. My RAD I purchased are from Narrow labs purchased from PED warehouse and the cardarine is from enhanced athlete also from ped warehouse. and Ive heard that people get horrible side effects from taking higher doses of 20mg of rad a day. I want the strength increase and size without bad side effects obviously that part is partly genetic. I also have to ask if I take rad and such and am nowhere near my genetic potential will I most likely keep gains even when coming off?
I would also like to add that my end goal is to be at my genetic limit and be able to keep that muscle and maintain that for as long as my body can naturally do so. I don't wanna hop on actual gear but just stick with sarms and hopefully dodge any health problems that can ensue from high dosages and real gear.
you are running these cycles too short and far too low... im known for being very conservative with my dosing and yours is even far too low for my recommendations... i like the plan of sticking with sarms and avoiding steroid side effects, for sure... i love that thinking but you have to make changes...

1. get REAL sarms

2. run the cycles proper length

3. make sure you are getting PRE, MID and POST cycle bloodwork
The problem is you are using shit sources. Like I posted in your ostarine thread. Your results are consistent with a prohormone and not real sarms. Those side effects you are reading about are not real sarms. Get a real source. Use and run them correctly. Great gains and no horrible sides or shutdown
Dylan and Rick have you fully covered here! I would highly advise listening to their advice!
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