Philip Dunn


Not sure if this is whee it goes, If not Move it :), Was just on the site an seen this, Thought everyone would like to see it.
Three-Time Olympian, Philip Dunn, Joins USADA Board of Directors.There is some good info there as well. And Some i am not so sure about, Also talk of Supplement's being bad an a waste of money.
I don't trust the usda. They're corrupt as the whitehouse itself. I assume they'll be advocating the banning of herbal supplements and vitamins like the UN has been trying to do, leaving the market monopolized by big pharma. Weird to see a BBer be on the board though.

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I don't think it means much. He is pretty much just taking over a vacant seat held by another for the US anti doping agency. I wouldn't expect anything to change because of his presence. He prided himself as a natural track and field athlete, so I can see why he was selected
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