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Hi Dylan,

So glad to see you are back and sorry for sounding so ignorant but I'm confused about pcts. I thought the benefit of sarms is no pcts are needed? If stacking ostarine and cardarine what would the best protocol be? I'm going to go through sarms for sale so just wanted to see what I should pick up.

Was looking for your older videos and couldn't find them so figured I'd write. Thank you!


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im not sure where you ever came up with that.. there are a few sarms that are non suppressive but most are slightly... the benefit is that you only need a mini pct and the recovery time is FAR shorter than using steroids... theres a ton of value and benefit there, not to mention the side effects are drastically less...


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If you just ran Ostarine and Cardarine, a mini-PCT would be more than enough. I would run a bottle of N2Generate ES. You could add clomid in there too but I would keep it really low. Like 12.5mg ED for 4 weeks max.