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    Hi Dylan, So glad to see you are back and sorry for sounding so ignorant but I'm confused about pcts. I thought the benefit of sarms is no pcts are needed? If stacking ostarine and cardarine what would the best protocol be? I'm going to go through sarms for sale so just wanted to see what I...
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    First cycle help

    Hello, Can I have some advice on my steroid cycle and PCT? I'm, Age : 29 Height 160 cm Weight 64 kg Fat% 10-13 Goal : gain muscle and maintain around 10% body fat. Lifting Experience : 4 years Steroid Cycle Week 1-10: test-e 300mg/week. Week 1-15 : Aromasin 12.5mg/EOD PCT week 12-15: nolvadex...
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    Hi guys, I pretty new to Sarms and I want to to a start a Sarm stack cycle of S4,MK2866 and GW501516 for 12 weeks following the recommended dosage. I just wanted to ask what would be a proper PCT cycle for that stack after 12 weeks of use. Cheers guys 81kg 180cm 11% lifting for 7 years natural...
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    First SARMS

    Hi all Looking to run my first SARMS as 34yr old, 95kg/210lbs well trained male (lifting experience >10years), hitting decent strength/neural lifts and good understanding of diet and nutrition. Never have nor will use steroids so looking for something extra and SARMS seemed to be a the way to...
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