Off cycle diet/nutrition training advice (in combination with PCT)


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Hi guys,
Is there any outline beside PCT what is the best advice for good practices after a cycle. For example on PCT go through cleaning my system out for 8 weeks before going back on cycle. During the 8 week off cycle maybe train less days with lighter weights and slower reps (3-4 times a week) to give my muscles time to recover(especially from any nagging injuries). and add on days with no weights light cardio 3 times a week. Have a day off every two days to rest? Keep body fat low and keep my nutrition on point and in a deficit to lean out? This could be all wrong, but I dont remember ever reading about training and nutrition practices post cycle beside just PCT so trying to figure it out. What do you guys normally do? Thanks!
You should train normally on PCT, and eat maintenance (don't cut). Your time off should be as follows though:
Time off cycle = Time on cycle + PCT time
thats up to you man... there's no set way to train... that comes down to your goals etc... even then, there's no cookie cutter answer... you just make your training and diet conducive to what YOU want to achieve but also, how YOUR body responds... just because someone has success with one training method does not ensure you will do the same
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