NPP Cycle and Prolactin


So originally I was going to run a Test/NPP/Sdrol cycle but I'm dropping the Sdrol mostly because I'm playing semi pro Lacrosse now and can't risk the sides from it. I know I could benefit from a EQ cycle better but for now I just need to stick with what I've got.

Wks 1-12 Test 300/will
Wks 1-12 NPP 100/EOD
Wks 1-12 Arimidex .5/EOD

I don't want to run Caber. Should I drop NPP down or keep at 100 EOD and monitor sides?

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I don't recommend it but if you're not going to use Caber use B6 for prolactin and add Proviron or Masteron to help with libido.


Is a daily multi which includes b6?

My daily multi has 50mg

My organ support has 30mg

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I just got done with 400NPP and 500 mg test C. Ran 300mg b6 daily and 0.25mg Arimidex each day. Not a single issue on my end. Keep in mind that’s my body not yours. You may need caber. And no a multi will not have enough b6, you can buy just b6 for like $7 on eBay


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a multivitamin dose of b6 is not enough but you may be okay if you run the proper dose, as pointed out... everyone is different but you definitely need more than whats in the multi alone