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Next sarm stack


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Trying to figure my next stack out and take advantage of tomorrow?s sale.
I am on TRT

Idea 1

Idea 2
Rad or lgd

Just wanting to add some lean muscle.
I have run all these and in different stacks.
I?m currently pounding the food trying to put on some size. Currently mk , lgd, rad, YK11. I would be running this next one for 12 weeks starting first of March or April. So at that time will need to cut some of the weight I am currently gaining. You know so I look good in the summer. That is my thought behind the sr9009.
I can not run s4. I get bad vision side from it.

Any thoughts and or idea are greatly appreciated.
Sorry I?ve been gone for a bit. Fixed up and sold the house and we moved to downtown living. Big life changes now that we are empty nesters.

Thanks guys
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hey brother, good to hear from you! i like idea 2 with rad140... i love the stack of rad with yk and then adding gw and sr gets you all the extra endurance and cutting.. i love that idea


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Thank you sir for the response.
I went ahead and bought idea 1 earlier before your response.
I didn?t want to miss their awesome sale.
I figured I was currently running RAD.
So I would shake it up a bit.
My current cycle is the first one I have done without GW. I sure miss that stuff.
I will run idea 2 next time.
I was going to take off about a week during the sale/ move of home . Ended up taking off a month.
Changed gyms. Ate real good during that time and only gained a couple unwanted pounds. Still only hit 10 percent BF.
Crazy thing is how much size I lost. If I was a big guy I might not have noticed. My muscles are small and I could really tell the the difference. Good thing is I?ve been back at it for about 6 weeks and feel great. I am about back where I was.
Pounding food and hitting gym 6 days.
Changing some work out styles. I am having a blast living downtown in an apartment. So now I try to walk everywhere. 4 flights of stairs everyday to go any where also. Love walking to and from the gym. Never thought I would like this life style. Currently glad I let my wife talk me into this.
No yard work! And I don?t have to fix anything. Just call maintenance.

Came in contact with covid so I?m quarantined right now and hating it. Been 5. Still no symptoms. Got tested and waiting results. Sneaking in a bike ride every day and doing lots of pushups.
I am only going forward and no more going back wards. Merry Christmas all.
Stay strong


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I like your idea 2 with LGD. LGD and Cardarine stacked together for me are the best. Then, add in YK-11 and you are taking it to another level.


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That?s the crazy thing. Some guys like RAD and some like LGD.
Have run each and now running them together. I still don?t know which one o prefer. I always ran them with something else.
I ran s23 along with sr 9009. Not sure which one does this but one of them makes me sweat like crazy. Definitely have to up the water intake with them.