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Hello. I have only ran one cycle previously - Ostarine + Cardarine for 12 weeks. I ramped up to 25mg Ostarine over the cycle and kept Cardarine at 10 for the cycle.

This was slightly over a year ago. I am wanting to now run a second cycle.

I bought S4, RAD and I still have plenty of GW left from the previous cycle (that has been stored properly in cool, dark area, so assuming shelf life is ok after just a year).

I am hoping to get some insight on dosing this cycle and if I am ok running it for a full 12 weeks. Hoping to cut down about 12~15lbs over the cycle, I'm 223.6 now but if I could get below 200 (fat chance) that would be ideal.

Thanks for any advice
and a side note, I will be getting bloods done before. I'm sitting at probably 15%ish BF if that helps. Have been lifting consistently but also eating in a surplus for about 9 months now. maintenance cals around 2700 according to some online calculators
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