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Hi Dylan,

I found your videos on You Tube. I’m new to peptides and just this past year began using Seromelin for 3 months while on Testosterone pellet therapy with my doctor. The cost was too much to continue long term so I discontinued with that doc and moved over to Tampa Testosterone. I’m now cycling Test Cypionate at 200 MG weekly via IM injections. Recently, I wanted to find a peptide to help aid fat loss and lean muscle growth. I researched a bit and found Ipamorelin / CJC-1295 DAC blended 5mg/5mg from I just got a 3 vial supply last week and mixed the bacteriostatic water with the blended peptides at 1 ML of water and a 20 IU injection. Turns out it seems I should have mixed 2.5ML water and used 10 IU instead. The side effects were not fun!

I injected myself before bed and discovered intense head rushes within 5 minutes which led to a racing heartrate, headaches and neck pain. I attempted to go to sleep but find that I was barely able to sleep that night. The next day I felt awful and slept half the day hoping it would wear off. It’s now Day 3 and I still have mild dizziness, mild headaches, joint pain and lightheadedness.

I realize I injected (based on the mix I used) .5 ML instead of .1 ML which explains the symptoms. My concern though is this peptide blend and supplier may not be a quality mix. I looked online and they seem to have good reviews but I’m thinking of discontinuing use of this particular order and sourcing other peptides. Any recommendations?

Also, what are SARMS?
I'd stop if I were you. As for your sarms questions check out Dylan's numerous videos for yourself.

The flush head rush feeling is quite normal after administering the peptide.

Ipamorelin has no real saturation dose so large dosing should actually be beneficial but one of the side effects are the symptoms you mentioned above.

I have found while cycling peptides that feeling does go away a bit. As other members have mentioned - Sarms are like bio available peptides especially the mk-677.

Anyway it should be of no health consequence I would think - just the average sides from using peptides.

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i dont see you having any issues moving forward but the state of peptide quality out there at this time is horrible and i dont even have a good recommendation for you... as far as sarms, bro, you come off as VERY VERY lazy... i have several videos that just sit down with a complete guide of what sarms are and if you just type the word on google, you will have millions of hits and guess whose videos pop up immediately? mine... so to ask that without taking 10 seconds to look it up, comes off as extremely lazy
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