New powerlifting cycle!


Hey brothers, I've been here a while and I know most of you.. others of you I haven't seen before.. so a quick intro- I'm BigScuds! I'm 28 years old, a powerlifter with 13 years of lifting under my belt and I started using AAS at 25. I'm 6'3" 283lbs, 17% bf, and my best lifts are 800, 660, 675. I'm planning my next cycle for a meet in October. The current plan is as follows:

15 weeks out-
Test C- 500mg every 5 days
Deca- 500mg every 10 days
Proviron- 50mg every day

6 weeks out-
Add Test Ace- 75mg EOD
Tren Ace- 75mg EOD
TNE/TRNE 100mg on max effort days

2weeks out-
Add Halo- 20mg ED
Test Ace- 75mg ED
Tren Ace- 75mg ED

As always, questions, comments, feedback are always welcome!
Dam, strength should be threw the roof, an you might be a little radioactive too, lol
Keep us informed on your lifts, should be interesting
What's up Big scuds! I remember your last meet and cycle! I am looking forward to reading how you progress bro!! I am really interested in your workout and the progression you use leading into the meet! I know you will kill it!!
What about Anadrol to kick things off bud? Anadrol gives some crazy strength gains